Thursday, June 3, 2010

Almost Designer Pillows

Did you know that when JoAnn Fabrics discontinues a special-order, designer fabric they sell the samples? Some of these scrumptious fabrics can retail at $35/yd (or more)! *and you don't get to use the 40%-off coupon on special orders* you just have to wait til they go on sale.

Well, during one of my visits to JoAnn's I discovered several racks of these discontinued sample squares. They were marked down to $2 a piece but were placed in the 50% off area. So I got each one for $1!! AAAAAAAH *I sang that... with vibrato!* They measure about 17" X 17". I was working on the mad bench makeover at the time and thought a few decorative pillows would look nice on it.

I picked through each option, my eyes all a-glitter, selected 6 that seemed to coordinate but not be too matchy. My FAVE is this red paisley by Waverly.

And the back is by Liz Claiborne!! : ) I just stitched them together on the machine & stuffed them.

On this one I used leftover trim.

And on this one I used leftover piping.

If I get tired of one side I can simply flip it and it's a whole different look! And the final cost for each Almost.Designer.Pillow was under $4.00!!! Now that makes me smile *with teeth*!! Isn't it funny how sometimes the little things can do that to you? : )



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Blue Artichoke Interiors said...

I love your bargain pillows. I also love that you used different fabrics on each side to change your decor easily. If you love fabric bargains, check out my post on my bargain crewel that I purchased. Eleven yards of crewel for only $2.00 a yard. Let me know what you think.

CRAZYMOM said...

The pillows are beautiful and that's a great tip about JoAnn's. I am in there all the time and did not know that. Thank you!

Chris said...

Beautiful. I love the thrill of a good find put to good use!

Jen @ Life with Jen and Ronnie said...

Sweet deal! Thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

They're beautiful!! I love the Red Paisley one, too...

I have seen so many pillows lately that I wish I felt talented enough to sew one, lol. I just gave my mother-in-law some fabric and she sewed some up, lol. But I guess I'll eventually have to attempt it. ;)

Good work! (Can you tell I am a teacher lol)

Diane said...

Those pillows turned out great!

Stephanie said...

They look designer to me! I love the price and the way you put a different fabric on the back, great idea!

Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...

too cute! I love the red paisley fabric!!

Craft Envy said...

Hooray for a good deal! I get excited about stuff like that too! They look amazing. Thanks for linking up!

Vanessa @ Craft Envy

Kim said...

So beautiful. I like the Waverly & Liz pillow, too. I didn't know JoAnns sold their discontinued squares :).