Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grad Gifts

June means Grads & Dads, right? I've already discussed Dads, so on to grads. My daughter has been making her rounds at graduation parties recently. Parties mean lots of fun but you can't show up empty-handed... What's a poor high school student to do? Well, I say College Survival Kits!

College survival kits include all the things kids never think to pack when they go off to school: scissors, tape, band aids etc.

I received mine when I graduated from HS in 19... well, let's just say it's a reunion year and leave it at that...

When I opened it I thought it was an odd assortment of stuff (mine also included needle and thread but kids today seem to think clothes are disposable). I put on my happy face and said "Oh! it's perfect!" On the inside I thought "?????!!" But once I got to school I found myself digging into that box more than I expected and ended up needing everything in it over the years. Genius!!

When my son attended his parties he put the supplies in a tupperware and included scissors, band aids, duct tape, a deck of cards and a screw driver, too. My daughter is throwing in a hand-crafted key chain for dorm room keys, post-it notes, a self-addressed stamped envelope : ) and a bottle of fun nail polish in addition to the above mentioned.

The box she chose is a photo box. They have such a fun selection these days so she could taylor the pattern to each recipient's personality.

Duct tape comes in so many different colors and patterns now too! One of her crafty friends gave her a tie-dyed duct tape flower recently so I suppose the tape can be used as a study break if not an emergency fix!!

Here are the key chains that were hand-made with love for each graduate's new dorm key.

It's just a pre-drilled acrylic "Fragment" from the Tim Holt collection at Michael's *other craft stores, too, I'm sure* with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on, an inspirational metal charm layered in front. They were linked together with a medium sized jump ring and a key chain attachment on top. {note: to reduce the tackiness of the Mod Podge you can put a clear coat of nail polish on top or some other acrylic coating}

My daughter was able to assemble her boxes for under $15/box. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew graduating from high school this year
*you remember I'm an aunt 31 times over, right?!* and I'll be making them boxes too but I'll also include some kind of gift card - Itunes, Starbucks or a restaurant GC for those Sunday night dinners. Other items to consider adding are water bottles, an extra t-shirt to stretch laundry 1 more day or a laundry bag when they just can't wait any more...



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Sue Richardson said...

I just found your blog after you left a comment on my ruffly chair at my Well LOved Home. I love your attack Frog! I laughed! If my flowers were doing half as good as yours, I'd be happy. Beautiful! I will be following your blog now :) Sue

Daphne said...

Hello! I'm following you back and so glad you stopped by! I love this idea for a graduation gift - brilliant and will come in handy for many :) I also make (well, I've just started) making the key chains too. I purchased them to use as a pendant for a necklace but my mom took one look at them and said they would be great keychains! :) Have a great day!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

I have some Graduations this year. {lets just say it's a reunion year for me too} I love your gift idea.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific blog and great graduation gift idea. And it's relatively inexpensive too. I say relatively because of all of your nieces and newphews...whew. The crafted key chains makes it so personal and who wouldn't love getting a big interesting box filled with mini-presents?

Hi Emily, thanks for visiting my blog and following me - I'm a follower of yours now too. I'm so glad I found your blog. Smiles


Traci66 said...

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Victoria said...

What a fantastic idea!!! I'm a new follower from TTA :)

C.R.A.F.T. said...

Thanks for linking up, I am going to feature this next monday is that is OK with you :)

Whimsical Creations said...

What a fantastic graduation gift!

Lyndsey said...

This is such a great idea! I love it.

Nancy said...

Those survival boxes are such a great idea! Using those photo boxes is a good idea; they come in so many fun prints and they are fairly inexpensive. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Room to Inspire said...

What a great idea! I would have loved one of these back in the day!


Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

It certainly is graduation party season...great ideas!