Thursday, November 18, 2010


My parents are coming for Thanksgiving this year!  I'm looking forward to a nice visit with them!!
I've got a lot of planning to do - meals, activities, cleaning & prepping...

So, Handy Hubby : ) decided this would be the perfect time to start a pantry makeover project.
My pantry contents are spread out all over {can't find anything}.
Is he secretly reading my blog news feed or what?!  I never even mentioned this current pantry makeover trend!!!
I know, I know,  I should be doing a little happy dance but...
right NOW?!

Since he was going to all the trouble of dressing up the wire shelving, it only made sense to paint the disgustingly dirty walls.  I went to Lowes and bought a gallon of Valspar, eggshell Oops! paint for $5.  It's called Tempered Steel.  Probably not what I would have picked out but it was the most neutral color available and was in the budget.
Yours truly went to all the trouble of cutting out all of the little shelf hooks.  Turns out they won't really show anyway. Oh well!

It's a little darker than I would like but clean walls are always refreshing.

The wood shelves are being painted white.  And HH will add decorative molding to the face of the shelves to cover up the wire {also going white}.

Gotta admit I'm a lot little impatient.
It better be done before Thanksgiving is all I have to say!
{otherwise, I know JUST the turkey I'm going to roast : )}

Thursday, November 11, 2010

H is for Heroes

 I MUST start with a salute to anyone who has ever served, is serving or gave their life serving our country to protect our freedom!  We are truly indebted to you for your commitment and sacrifice!!  This Veteran's Day we thank , honor and remember you. 

I would also like to give a shout out to the Everyday Heroes around us, too.
I watched "Freedom Writers" this weekend and it made me realize I live in a middle-class, suburban bubble!  While many teens worry about spirit week fashion, homecoming displays and getting into college, other teens worry about gang violence, a roof over their heads and living to 16.  

This movie is based on a true story.  It chronicles the trials of Erin Grewell, a new teacher in an inner-city high school, who struggled to break down racial & gang barriers in her classroom, to reach the school's and society's cast-offs while teaching them life lessons through history and English.  She helped them gain self-respect and gave them hope for their futures.  She made many personal sacrifices to achieve this.  Not every teacher is like Erin Grewell but some are.  
They are inspirations and heroes!
Ok!  Well, at risk of wading into charged political waters...
I recently saw a video of a talk given by Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor.
Disclaimer: I do not know the person who distributed the video.  It was passed on by others.  
Regardless of where I fall on the pro-life/pro-choice spectrum, I have to admire someone who is willing to make a stand Her history was beyond her control.  She didn't have to make it her cause or her life's work.  Her unique circumstances, however, provided her with an opportunity to speak up for those who could not speak for themselves.  She discusses some hot button topics for sure!!
I find her mission to be powerful and heroic.
So, Who else?  My parents are my heroes!
 For doing the best they could with what they had.  For trying to give me and my brother a better life than they had.  For their unconditional love, faith, strength, wisdom, guidance & sacrifice.  {of course, I called all of these attributes something else back in the day...}
 Yup!  Once lame-O, kill-joys turned Heroes!  : )
Parenting is definitely full of delayed gratification.  I didn't get it until I became one.

My kids are my heroes, too!
Regardless of my screw ups and failed parenting attempts, they are growing into wonderful human beings despite me!! 
And for all of YOU behind.the.scenes people who volunteer and give of yourselves to make the world a better place - I continue my theme of Gratitude from last week - thank you for being Heroic!!

Jenny Matlock


Thursday, November 4, 2010

G is for Gratitude

What's November without a little gratitude?!

I spent some time this morning composing a memory tribute to one of the people being honored at the President's Dinner at my girls' high school this year.  I felt it was important to let this man know how he has impacted my family.  He may not know otherwise!  Our story is not unique.  Mr. McC has touched generations of people with his time, talent & treasure.  I'm sure he doesn't give of himself for the recognition or glory, but sometimes it's just nice to know that you've made a difference!

This led me to think of all of the people who have influenced my life in one way or another.  People who give of themselves in big ways and small.  People who touch my life just by living their own.  
Sometimes I am guilty of wanting a pat on the back for things that I do, but then I can be stingy about acknowledging what others do...

So, during the month of November (not just for a day), the month of Thanksgiving, I'm going to try to be more mindful of what others offer me - tangible, verbal, emotional, big or small
I've been told you can't be grateful & resentful at the same time.

Today I'm going to start with YOU fabulous bloggers!!  I didn't really know what to expect when I started on this blogging journey.  I just mentioned to someone that I don't really know where I'm headed with this but I LOVE the options & directions I can go.  And I appreciate the sharing and camaraderie and support found here.  I love your sincere comments and musings.  They make me smile & laugh.  Sometimes it's just the thing that I need.  It's been such fun so far : ) So Thank You!

And just so you don't think that I'm all business today, I wanted to let you in on an uber thankful secret that brings a smile to my face on a regular basis...  *Go Here
you can thank me later : )


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