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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank You Note

Do you recall those $1 discontinued fabric samples I bought a while back?
Can you stand another project using one?
This particular sample came with the larger 17"x17" piece & 3 smaller color swatches all for $1! *score*  I used the black & tan one for my camera strap cover *see HERE*    And for this project I chose the terra cotta one.

Daughter S had the opportunity to spend a few days visiting old friends in Wisconsin this summer.  She stayed with her very good friend/old neighbors.  I am lucky enough to call the mom my good friend too.  She was my crafting buddy - we stamped our own Christmas cards together one year, we made teacher gifts & sewed matching halloween costumes. *Ah, fun times, fun times*

Well, for housing & entertaining & transporting my daughter for the better part of a week, a 'thank you' was definitely in order.  I decided to make her a little something *I think she would expect nothing less...*

I bought a frame 1/2 off at HL for an 8x10 photo (no mat)

Using spray adhesive I attached the fabric to the back board of the frame, trimmed it out and wrapped a brown ribbon around it vertically.

I didn't want the back of the frame to look messy so I took the ribbon all the way around and tacked it down with a sticker from a stationery pack
*Sheeeesh-ok I'm just anal like that... & I tattle on myself, too : )*

& speaking of tattling - I'm such a craft dork that Handy Hubby : ) printed up sheets of address labels for me to stick on the backs of my stuff  *sorta like marking my territory - hehe : ) *

Anyhoooo, I added a cute vinyl initial & 2 little rosettes to the corner, right on the glass.
*I've only just started using vinyl & I LOVE it! what a late bloomer I am!*

And there you have it!

I know a picture frame dry erase board is not a new idea *ever'body's doin' it*
But I'm sorta hoping that this is the fanciest thank you note my friend's ever gotten!! : )

And of course I could NOT write a post about Thank You's without giving a shout out to the crazy 100+ people who have chosen to follow me so far!!!!!
Unbelievable!! Please know how honored I am : )
As I've said before, I love blogland for all of the inspiring & amazing ideas.  I love that it's a place where like-minded people can gather & help each other by encouraging, supporting & offering such kind words!  I'm so happy to be a part of it all!  Whooda thunk it?!
Oh yeah! And Thanks for the FUN  : )

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peppy Paisley Rug

Well, now that the kids are back in school and summer is coming to an end...
I've finally finished my outdoor rug makeover!  : )  I suppose the good news is now that it's not so Ever-Flippin' Hot outside we might actually venture out and get to enjoy it!!

I got a outdoor rug from my MIL over 4th of July weekend.

It's just your basic, plain 5x7 area rug.
She said she had considered painting the border some color but never got around to it and instead just bought a cuter, larger pre-patterned replacement this year. *Lucky Gal!!*

Our outdoor space is pretty bland and lacks color so I thought putting a pattern on the free rug would be a small investment to help pep things up just a bit. 

I was excited about this project & wanted to get started right away - that was early July.  *I had to go all the way back to my Warm-Fuzzy 'Cake' pics to find my 'before' rug pics!*

I started out by rolling the paint on with a stencil roller but quickly discovered the stencil was too detailed and the rug was too bumpy for rolling it out because the paint was getting under the stencil and the pattern was looking blobby & messy.  Luckily I could just flip the rug and try again!  

After a stretch of unbearably hot weather, a few rain storms, being distracted by a couple of other projects *scarf cake & desk* , vacations and shenanigans, I finally redirected my attention to the neglected rug!

I was much happier with the outcome on the second try.

It looked a little unfinished with just the pattern on there so I rolled out a border last night & now I'm LOVING it!! : ) Yay! I finally finished a project I can share!

Peppy Paisley Pleases Phamily !!!  Possibly bloggy Phriends too?

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updated: 8.20.10
Hokey Smokes!!
Ok! I truly did not expect there to be much interest in the particulars of this project *thank you!!!* but I feel silly now for not adding some details - please forgive!! It only took me about 50 comments to figure it out : P duh!
Assembled together here are my partners in crime:
- a 20"x20" stencil from Hobby Lobby
- several 8 oz. bottles of Anita's all purpose acrylic craft paint *earth brown*
- a stencil brush *a 2" foam roller*
- a pack of Plaid spouncers * foam stipple brushes*
~ everything was 1/2 off! ~
{since I did this after.the.fact, I've already thrown out the roller cuz it got chewed up rolling out the border}
I did not seal or heat set the paint when I finished - I figured it bakes ALL day long in the sun...  & I'm lazy!
I hope I answered everyone's questions, if not ask me again!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheap Thrills

It's time I made a confession.  I have a condition.

It's called Listus Forgetus.  Apparently, the second I step into a store my mind suddenly goes blank and I can't remember why I'm there!  My solution is to roam each and every aisle for visual cues that might jog my memory.  Sometimes, however, I simply get distracted and become obsessed by a priceless treasure that someone has undoubtedly tried to stash in the wrong aisle just waiting for me to discover and take home.  I find that my memory is effected worst at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Target & Goodwill...   

So I stopped in at GW the other day *for a good reason, I'm sure* I find things there occasionally but not super great deals like I've been seeing some people finding recently.  On this day I found things that made me giddy, GIDDY, I'm tellin' ya!!  And honestly, I don't know why 'cause I didn't need any of it - I just knew I had to have it!  can I boast for a few minutes, please? 
I found this pair of taper candlesticks

I intend to do this with them, a la Decor Chick & Thrifty Decor Chick...

And I found this jar that will make a great pencil holder for Daughter A's vintage Parisian-themed room!
It's gonna look super cute on the desk I redid for her
*see HERE*

My heart skipped a beat when I spied this cloche dome!  Can I getta Woot Woot!!
I've been looking for one of these things!

Daughter S was with me at the time and she wanted to pull one of the ugly lampshades on her head when I squealed and practically did a jig in the aisle!!  It's the cutest little thing too!  It's not a cupcake sized one and it's not a cheese dome sized one.  I'd say it's maybe  8" in diameter.  Don't even know why I want one, but I know I've had cloche envy something awful for a while now - and now i got me one!! : )
I paid my $5 for all the glassware and skipped outta the store.  can life get any better?
Uuuum yaw!!  I still had to go to Hobby Lobby *for paint, or something*
Well, while we were in Michigan they moved the HL that used to be 20 minutes away to a store front down the street from me!!  It went in where the Ashley Furniture used to be so it's GINORMOUS! You KNOW the second I stepped into that place there was a loud sucking noise & Listus Forgetus struck again.
But looky what I found!!

Can you say Match made in Heaven?!
But Wait!  There's more!
I found this candlestick for $2.99 *that's 90% off - I made Daughter S check 'cause my old eyes can't always read the fine print anymore grrrrr* It's about 16" tall!

And this frame was only $2.04!  It holds an 8 X 10 photo.

It's gonna make an adorable dry erase board or chalkboard or tray some day!  ALL of these treasures from both stores totaled under $20!
Oh Boy!  I am in soooo much trouble having HL in such close proximity!
It used to be a place I went to with a purpose.  Now it will be way too easy to just pop over there to see what I can see!!
Well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...
I've gotta break it to Handy Hubby : ) - I have a terminal condition!!!!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tie-Dyed Stationery

Well, it's Kid Craft week over at The CSI Project!  What a great time to showcase kids savoring the last few days of summer vacation with some cRafTY fUn!!! 

Daughter had the opportunity to nanny 3 days/week this summer for a great family with 2 kids!  Being older *11 & 13* they are pretty self-sufficient but benefitted from having a few days where they had a referee, chauffer, nutritionist, mentor & cheerleader.  At the beginning of the summer they brainstormed ideas for what they'd like to do during the course of the summer.  One of the things they wanted to do were some crafts.  So, daughter A happily obliged and one rainy day they had some fun tie-dying stationery! *with lots of pretty colors for 'her' and with just the right amount of messiness for 'him', as A put it*  : )

You start with a modest mound of shaving cream on a moisture resistant paper plate.

Add a few drops of food coloring...

Using a plastic knife, gently swirl the colors into a rainbow.

Place an index card on top of the colored fluff and push down ever so gently.
Using the flat side of your mixing knife, scrape excess cream back onto the plate and set the card aside to dry.

Add new colors & more cream as needed to prolong the fun! : )
No two cards will be the same!

Just look at how much fun the kiddos had!!
Don't freak - this pic was taken pre-washing!
*caution: their hands did remain a little tinted even after washing*

But now look at what they created!

Click to enlarge for more detail.

The kids were happy because they each got their own plate and mixed their own colors and they stayed engaged for a good long time!  They loved this project so much they asked to do it again. 

Daughter A was happy because clean up was easy - it all went in the trash!

Mrs. D was happy because on the next sunny day the sneaky babysitter had the kids write *so very sneaky! : ) * little friendly notes to the neighbors and popped the postcards in the mailbox as a random act of kindness!  You could definitely jazz these up by framing them out with a piece of cardstock & adding ribbon... buuut you'd probably lose the 13 yr old boy's attention at that point!
Now tell me, WHO wouldn't smile if surprised with one of these?
And the kids were smiling thinking about the neighbors smiling!! Win-Win
Who says kids are lazy good.for.nothin's?!!  These kids know how to Pay It Forward!!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

From the Beach

Everyone needs a break from reality now and again.

Don'tcha just LOVE it when the biggest decision of the day is simply whether to get in the pool or go to the beach?!  Aaaaah - Yes, life's been tough...

I actually entertained thoughts of doing a beach post since we got together with my brother's family and my parents at a beach house in Michigan this last week.

I had some beachy/rainy day crafts prepared but got side tracked by the splash contests & outlet shopping.  Of course, those poolside & beach side naps were wonderful diversions.  Watching the sunset while sipping a  bottle of wine was all-consuming.  And toasting s'mores by the fire was sticky fun!  Our peach picking excursion resulted in a peach crisp for dessert  *including an ice cream run* & some yummy peach salsa - we did lots of eating... lots & lots of eating... there was TOO much eating...

 So, I'll only share my chubby piggies and spare you the unpleasant swim suit view!!

Perhaps it's safer sticking to scenery : )

Then suddenly it was time to pack up to come home & I had to make a mad dash to the beach on our last sunny morning to capture some parting shots.  My camera was on vacation too & didn't get to see too much action!  But sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered : )

Vacations are relaxing and fun, but it's good to be home *even though the car seemed to throw up beach everywhere* Now it's time to get down to business - Time!!


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