Thursday, May 20, 2010

Story III - The Mad Bench Makeover

I have quickly come to the conclusion that I'm a rambler. Lucky for you I'm almost done with my 3-part-tale!

Once upon a time there was a Mad Bench. What is a Mad Bench, you ask? It is a solid oak plank bench acquired by my mother-in-law many moons ago... many children ago (of which she has 9 and between the 9 there are 32 grandchildren). When her children were young and foolhardy, they were made to sit on what became dubbed the Mad Bench when they were 'mad' and needed to calm down (or if mom was mad at them and she needed a break).

At some point we became the proud owners of the Mad Bench. Over the years it moved further and further from public view and only came out when we needed extra seating. It's sorta functional but not even sorta pretty. I've thought of giving it a makeover for some time *years* but am not a very good seamstress *awful*. Then push came to shove due to "The Great Furniture Shuffle" and it became necessary to bring out the 2nd and 3rd string players. I decided to tackle the Mad Bench project - duun, duun, duuuuuun! Again, I had no plan or pattern - sometimes people never learn!! Maybe it makes life more exciting *frustrating* to wing it...

I got all of the materials 1/2 off or with coupons, of course! Handy Hubby : ) built me a wooden apron to go right over the top of the bench so as not to permanently alter the sentimental bench. I used spray adhesive to attach the 2" foam for some cush on the tush. I picked out a fabric suspiciously similar to one in Ballard Designs and some black piping.

I measured, I pinned, I sewed, I undid, and redid. (Grrrrr)

I'm happy to finally, Finally report that the Mad Bench is no longer what it was (although I almost went mad during the process and had to take a time-out from that said bench many, Many times)!!!! Now you wouldn't even recognize it as the Mad Bench, mostly because you can't see any of it anymore. It's not too horrible for my first attempt, if I do say so myself! Not beautiful, not horrible. But... well, nobody is allowed to sit on it - are you kidding me?! After all the blood, sweat and tears? Uuuuum. No. Ma'am!!

Benches are for looking at and admiring from afar. Try to sit on that bench and I'll give you something to be mad about!!

Come join me for another look-see, won't you? We're admiring and admiring.

And so these three new looks (the tablecloth, the spray painted coffee table and the mad bench) were a few of the little things that made me say, "
Aaaaah! so satisfying!"

So there you have it - MLE's ABC's


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