Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black & White

It's May, so you know what that means in Indiana... Indy 500 Madness!

Handy Hubby : ) grew up in Indy so when we moved here 3 years ago, for him it was like the song goes, "Back Home Again in Indiana". I will say that being a Colts fan in Bears Country and Packers Territory was somewhat of a challenge for him over the years during our stints in other states!! That's ok, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? : )

Well, I am flying my checkered flag this year

and we are hosting a party but the fact that it's on race day is a bit of a coinky-dink. Our daughter is graduating from 8th grade and will not be attending the same high school as most of her current classmates. So, this end of the school year is bittersweet for her. She's having some friends over to celebrate graduation/summer/friendship. Having the checkered flag theme is somehow appropriate, don't you think?

On the front door I'll hang my wreath that I originally made to use at my friend's black & white themed wedding.

I think it's whimsical and flirty yet still works for this application.

I originally learned how to make this wreath using fabric squares

and that's cute too but for the wedding I didn't want it to look too country or Indy 500-ish. The ribbons seemed to fit the bill.

To make this Easy.as.Pie craft, all you need is a straw wreath, fabric or ribbon (or whatever fun material you can conjure up to use - please, oh, please share your ideas), scissors and a phillips-head screw driver.

Cut the fabric into desired sized squares (depending on the size of your wreath and how much fabric/ribbon you want sticking out. If using fabric, place pattern side down facing the wreath, pinch the fabric in the center, place the point of the screw driver at the point of the fabric and push down into the wreath about 1/2" or so. THAT'S IT!! The closer together you make your insertions the fuller your wreath. In fact, looking at my picture now I think I could use more ribbon on my black & white one so I don't see so much straw wreath!! Sigh! Perfection is challenging *

Anyway, school's almost out so it's almost party time, People! Summer means time for freedom and play, right? Or does it mean summer school, camps and marching band? I forget! :/ Well, continued blessings and summer prayers for
Peace, Patience and Wisdom!!!!

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Pat Harris said...

For some reason I always thought it would be harder to make that wreath! How cool is that? Going to have to make one. Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. Hope you'll be back often. We love company. Pat

Fawnda said...

Very cool wreath! I love it! :)

Alison said...

I LOVE that wreath! It's quite charming!!

Kenzie said...

Love the wreath! It's so cute!

Anne Maskell said...

that's great! thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from F&J

Laura said...

What a pretty wreath!

I'm hosting a party on Saturday and would love it if you linked up!

Lisa said...

Saying hi from NFF...
what a cute wreath! It looks so much more complicated to make! I may have to try that one day...

And have fun watching the Indy this weekend!

Allison R said...

Dropping by from NFF. Thanks for the comment. I love the wreath! Such a great idea.

Beth said...

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Happy Friday!!

Donene said...

Watched the Indy this weekend! Love the wreath and flag!