Thursday, May 20, 2010

Story II - 90's Table

So as you may recall, I found myself with an empty living room so I placed my potato-sack-dressed table under the chandelier so noone would run into it. I had kicked out my early 90's Coffee Table to do it. This table had a square bevel-edged glass top with a faux brushed metal looking frame. The "X" "O" details around the top were painted gold. Before eclectic and mismatched were 'in', matchy-matchy was 'in' so I bought the whole 3 table collection! *WOOO!* I was stylin' back then! Now? notsomuch...

90's CT ended up in the great room in front of my sectional. Although the couch needed a table, the colors in that room are more earth and jewel-toned so, the 'metal' looked out of place - not to mention I was soooo over that look mmm... maybe 8 years and 2 houses ago! 90's CT was truly at risk of being demoted to the basement - and I mean barely by the skin of it's faux brushed metal teeth!

Being inspired by all the spray paint fumes flying around Blogland, I decided to give it a twirl. The table couldn't look worse, right?! I chose a warm brown in a textured finish by Rustoleum. Handy Hubby : ) set up a spraying station for me in the garage where I created a cloud of brown textured paint haze.

I shook, I spritzed, I shook, I sprayed.

3 cans of spray paint later (textured doesn't go far), I emerged victorious!! I couldn't change the shape or style of 90's CT but at least I brought it into the next century - that's progress!! : ) I was on such a spray paint roll that I grabbed the sofa table that was part of the 90's Threesome, sprayed it a hammered copper and replaced the kitchen table/side board that was previously in the kitchen and is now in my living room. Bonus!! The 3rd 90's piece, the end table, escaped my clutches because it's still in the living room which has black in it.

I'll get you in the next furniture shuffle, My Pretty Ugly, and your gold X's and O's too!!!!

Boy! that little spray trigger is so empowering! I feel like I can change the world... at least a shade or two : )


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