Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

*1*  When you see this are you a glass is half full or half empty kinda person?

This happened to our car on our way to visit my parents in Chicago last Wednesday.  A large object flew outta nowhere and clocked the car pretty good.  But I consider this my moment of grace!  If we had passed that point one second later the object probably would have smashed the windshield - but one second sooner it could have hit in front of the car and gotten tangled up underneath causing untold damage.  Either way that would have been the end of our trip.  As it is, although it's now an insurance claim with an undesirable deductible, the damage is cosmetic and we continued with our activities.  We feel blessed!

*2*  While we were in Chicago there was a huge storm that produced a tremendous amount of rain.  I-290 was shut down due to flooding, SR 83 was shut down due to flooding... my parents basement flooded.  It could have been worse, their basement could have been finished!  The sump went out.  The good news is Handy Hubby : ) & I were there to help clean up.  HH wasn't originally going to go with us.  He took vacation days at the last minute.  He replaced their sump, bought shelving to get all the stuff off the basement floor, hauled out all kinds of wet & nasty stuff, pulled wiring, installed a ceiling fan upstairs...  Needless to say, my parents felt blessed! *me too!!*

*3*  Daughter S has been plotting to see old friends from Wisconsin *our previous home state* but it hasn't panned out... until Friday when I talked to my old neighbor while we were on the train heading into Chicago and worked out a plan.  It couldn't have worked out better if we had tried to pre-plan this!!  Daughter S feels blessed!

*4*  I had an unexpected lunch date with Handy Hubby : ) on a beautiful Friday!  This was my view from lunch

I am literally 5 ft from the Chicago River!! From our tree-shaded table we could see the Hancock Building, the Chicago Tribune tower & the architectural boat tours.  It was absolutely delightful!!  *ok this one can be nothing but cup.runneth.over : ) *

*5*  We returned home unharmed (after nearly being run off the road by a crazy & hitting a bird)!  I would say we were a total Cr@p Magnet on this road trip but we can't help but feel blessed!!  We're safe.

*6*  It's good to be home - and I was sooo relieved that my basement wasn't flooded!  That one would have been a half.empty moment!! : /

Have yourself a blessed & random Monday : )
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Karen Mortensen said...

It is always amazing how things work out even when something seemingly bad happens. Glad you are all safe and had a good visit with your parents.

Bette said...

What a week/weekend you have had. good attitude though, i think i would have lost my mind by now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a weekend! I am glad you arrived home safely. The pictures of Chicago you posted are beautiful. What a lovely place to have lunch :)

Have a blessed week,

Heather said...

You are so right-the timing of that object hitting the car was seconds (both ways) from being a lot worse! I commend you on your positive outlook:-)

Barbie said...

I am so thankful you are all safe. God's hand of protection was certainly with you. I love your attitude!

Have a great Monday!

Lisa said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry your trip didn't go as well as you would have liked. That's Chicago weather & traffic for fun! But it's great that you were able to look on the bright side and still enjoy it.

Karen Mortensen said...

PS I love your new background.

Anonymous said...

Good for you - the damaged car is nothing compared to what it could have been, you are blessed. Your whole slant on life in fact is as it should be - your glass is half fulled and your cupth does runneth over....what a great table to eat at!! Wow, Chicago!


Lea said...

Wow! you made a lot of lemonade out of lemons last week! Good for you! Sometimes we just have to do that. Wishing you an uneventful week! You deserve a break!