Wednesday, October 27, 2010

F is for 4 Funny's & a Funeral

{1}  Have you watched Parenthood or Modern Family or The Middle?  So Funny!!

{2}  Pull your lips into your mouth, covering your teeth.  Now try saying "Rhutabaga, Rhutabaga"  Hahaha - You look Funny : )

{3}  Q:  Why don't cannibals like clowns?
A:  Because they taste funny!

Do I hear crickets?  yeah, well, that's Handy Hubby : ) 's favorite joke.  It would at least make me smile if he'd stop telling that one!

{4}  Homecoming was a few weekends ago at the girls' high school.  The theme was Disney movies.  Each class picked a different movie to showcase.  The freshmen class *Daughter S* picked Finding Nemo.

Well, despite their efforts the freshmen didn't win - they never do.  The seniors won {Daughter A happens to be a senior}so there was still celebrating in our house.

I think the freshmen should have won for their slogan alone:

Frosh are Friends, Not Food

 Just in case you haven't seen this movie, there is a scene where a friendly shark learns in 'school' that

Fish are Friends, Not Food

Get it?! 
Totally tickled my funny bone! I'm easily amused *not by cannibals, however* & it is about the little things, after all.

I loved that they could laugh at themselves & understood where they fall in the school food chain : )

Oh! Shark Bait *another movie reference* can be soooo FUNNY!

& Finally the {Funeral}  The 20th was my birthday.  I turned Forty... something ; )
Anyhoo - My MIL & several S'sIL kindly invited me out to lunch to celebrate on Wednesday!  I accepted.  Then the next day I got the call about a funeral at church scheduled on... my birthday. (I'm on the funeral luncheon committee)
Talk about the circle of life!

At first I wasn't sure how to feel about it.  A part of me wanted to be selfish and proceed with my plans.  Never mind that the current chairperson running funeral luncheons is in her 9th month of pregnancy with her 5th child.  Forget the fact that another woman & I already agreed to tag-team subbing for her while we give her a 2 week maternity leave *jk!*  Well, and then there was the sad truth that I'd only ever worked 1 funeral dinner.  There hadn't been a funeral in almost 2 months so it could be if I didn't try to learn the ropes when I had the chance. 

Ultimately, I decided that I was fortunate enough to be able to postpone my birthday celebration - I had the luxury of time.  And this funeral was the last big thing the church gets to do to honor this man.  I was happy to serve at his funeral luncheon on my birthday!!  *I don't mean I was happy about his funeral... Oh! you know what I mean!!*

I just hope the Fam could chuckle at the fact that I ditched them to work a funeral...
or am I digging my own grave?!
duh, duh, Duuuuuuh



Vicki said...


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Happy 40th! I loved turning forty for many reasons! This post has really funny jokes. Thanks for sharing.

myorii said...

Oh wow, how interesting that you had a funeral luncheon to setup on your birthday. It does make you think about mortality though, right? I know it would for me. Happy belated birthday!

Christy said...

I loved all the funnies and well Happy Birthday - I think you choose wisely to help honor that man!

Judie said...

I would be fine with going to a funeral on my birthday, as long as it was not mine!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy 40th! This was such a creative post for the letter F!

I loved the cute funnies and since your family can take you out at any time to celebrate, but that man had only one day for a funeral, I'm glad you kept that obligation.

Stef said...

Love the funny! And your hubs joke is right up my alley! loved it

EG Wow said...

You are a very good person to postpone your plans and help out at the funeral! :)

Theresa said...

Flippin' Funny!

Pondside said...

You're sure never to forget this birthday - a unique celebration!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Funniest F post so far!

Jo said...

your post really was funny ... and your birthday ... have a great celebration!!!

lissa said...

fun read, too bad about delaying your birthday celebration but I'm sure you'll have a great time

Lourie said...

"Shark Bait Hooo-ah-ah!" Yeah we've seen it a few (million) times. ;) I love Dory she is my favorite!

Jenny said...

Forty? No way!!!! I thought you were, at worst, 29!

Loved the jokes and I tried saying rhutabaga. I think that might be a good facial exercise! Try it again with that in mind!

Thanks for the fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "F".

Love your graciousness about the funeral.

Witching you a BOOtiful Halloween. And thank you for linking.


Lindalou said...

Great post. I love these kind stream of consciousness kind of post. Something fun and interesting usually comes out.

Splendid Little Stars said...

too funny! fun and poignant post. perfecto!

NatureGirl said...

Hilarious! I only watch four TV shows and they are, yep, you guessed it, Parenthood Modern Family & The must have a great sense of humor!