Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Labor of Love

I've been a mom all my married life.
{so that's been what? a decade...or 2}  
That's not to say I haven't worked, I just haven't gotten a formal pay check for anything I've done - I've only been paid in smiles & hugs.  So I have no professional references, but I'm flush in volunteer positions!

As a family we finally hit critical mass.  Three kids with 3 tuitions {and sports & activities and assorted wants & needs}, 3 cars {but 2 I'd call Fred Flinstone cars both on about their 10th life},  a mortgage etc etc.  All on 1 pay check.  In addition to being Handy, Hubby's been a great provider but I'm sure you see where I'm heading.  Momma finally had to get a paying job.

I had concerns.  Daughter A is a senior and I would be heartbroken if I missed out on any of her stuff this year.  My SAHM status had allowed me to be at their beck and call.  I've cooked all of their meals.  I've packed their lunches.  I've done almost all of their laundry...

Maybe a little time out of the house would be a good thing...

I happened to see a want ad for seasonal help at a warehouse nearby.  I filled out an application on-line.  They accepted volunteer references if you didn't have professional references {were SAHM's a target demographic?}.  And best of all they were hiring on the spot.

I feel like I've been training for this position all of my SAHM life!!

When I arrived I waited in line at the door.
{like I've done in school pick-up lines, at Disney, Black Friday}

They had me do a Skills Test to see if I could pay attention to fine detail.
{my kids don't call me Eagle Eyes for nothin' - I.SEE.ALL}

Many of the stations required some computer aptitude.
{I'm gonna say my limited stint blogging has helped me learn to navigate a computer : )}

I had to participate in a drug screening.
{it turned out to be a mouth swab - thank goodness! cuz I was a little uptight about the possibility of having someone watching me produce a urine sample.  I won't even let my kids do that any whew!}

I had to agree to the possibility of being on my feet for 10 hr shifts.
{Umm contrary to popular belief, being a SAHM is not about kickin' up your feet & eating bon-bons.  It's an endurance test - am I right?!  fine, I will admit I don't write any posts standing up}

And I had to agree to some regular lifting.
{Ok well, I figure 20 lbs is like a small child who begs to be picked up all day long!  & I feel like I go to the grocery about every day. I think I'm good there.}

I'm pretty sure I've been placed in the packing department.
{Now if 22 years of successfully packing Christmas ornaments away doesn't qualify me for this job then I'm hopeless!!}

I was told I had to wear my hair in a pony tail or a bun.
{Are you kidding me? No wasted time on personal grooming in the morning?  Would it be too forward if I say 'I love you'?}

& I was told to wear comfortable clothing.
{Well, I've got the perfect mom-jeans for the job, man!}

See?!  This job was meant for me!!
Smiles & hugs are da bomb! But nothing says 'thanks for your help' like a paycheck : )
Of course, every work day when that alarm goes off at 4am, I'll have to chant to myself
I love my family!
I love my family!!
I love my family!!!

*ps I may be a little slower getting around to commenting that I used to - please forgive!*

Jenny Matlock


BARBIE said...

Congratulations on your job! So thankful for your added income.

magsmcc said...

Oh well done- I am so glad to have visited at this exciting time! I will now be watching with interest how you get on!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have had wonderful training for this job. I don't envy the early morning wake ups though.

Jen said...

Such a great positive attitude...especially when 4 am wake-up call is involved.
I loved how you shared how your experience makes you perfect for the job.
I really think a SAHM could win on The Apprentice!

RedTedArt said...

Sounds like you had plenty of practice for the job!! And yes, as a SAHM you often don't get credit for all the work you have done!


Anonymous said...

this could be me next year once the girls start pre school. Well done you and I hope you treat yourself with your first pay check
diamonds are good :)

gabe said...

sounds like you are over-qualified from all your experience at your "former" job?!? Good luck working out the quinks and getting in to a routine!

Judie said...

I love your last lines!!

Sue said...

I love your can-do attitude. And I have a feeling that translates to being a very good worker.

They are lucky to have you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a great sounding job (except for the 4 am thing).


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Congrats on your new job. I like your positive take on it. So true, you can't beat SAHM experience! Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

You are brilliant. And you will do wonderfully well. Like you wrote so perfectly, you are probably over-qualified for the job.

Don't get stressed about blog visits, etc, during this crazy time of the year. Enjoy your windfall and spend your 'free time' finally kicking up your feet and eating bon bons.

Sounds like you deserve it.

In case we don't run into each other before the holidays, sending a giant Christmas hug and all my best wishes that joy and peace are under your tree this year.

Thank you for linking.



JDaniel4's Mom said...

I would love for you to share the Manger Prayer. I have been praying it all week.

Susan said...

Lucky family, Lucky hubby, Lucky YOU!
Congrats on the new job!

My kids (the latter 2 especially) were a F/T job on their own, But I had to work at least part time. my son is severe ADHD, (all the professionals that have seen him, say all the books could have been written about him, and he also has ODD) the year he was 3, we went thru 8 babysitters (and it was only 2.5 hrs. a day) just to give you an idea.

But I really did enjoy being with them, being there for them, making their Halloween costumes,putting together awesome B-day parties etc. I just hated school was a war every day.

when I worked F/T after a while, I wanted to be back home, and after being back home for a while, I wanted to go back to work. I figured out that the best arrangement for mom's is to work outside the home no more than 3 days a week!!

now the kids are 28(out on her own) 24, he's recently moved back home (is just like he was at 13-16) 23, she moved out when son moved back home (she knew there would be issues)

I was working F/T (MRI Technologist)after going back to college when they were all over the age of 12. I graduated in 2000, was injured severely on the job in 2005, and because of that injury and the other issues I had from a car wreck years before...I am now 100% disabled and pretty much stuck in the house 90% of the time.

and guess sucks, I would so LOVE to go back to work.

even for those 3 days a week. :)

I also would go back to the days of Cub scouts and girl scouts and Halloween and Kick ball, and water gun fights, sleep overs, and camp outs.

your family is very blessed to have had you there for all those years!

best of luck on your new adventure!